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Leverage AI to meet the unique challenges and goals of your organisation. Whether aiming to boost efficiency, enhance customer interactions, or create innovative products, AI integration offers numerous strategies to propel your business forward.

Explore our bespoke AI solutions and services, including intelligent analytics, process automation, and rigorous testing, designed to elevate your organisation’s innovation and performance to new heights.


Strengthen your organisation with our AI services.

AI Workshops

AI-training and guidance through workshops

Strengthen your organisation’s AI expertise through interactive, hands-on training workshops.

Our workshops are designed to enhance your understanding and practical use of AI technologies, promoting sustainable growth and innovation. They are ideal for beginners and newcomers.

AI strategies & consulting

Digital transformation strategy

Work with Konav to align your business goals with the latest AI solutions.

We offer strategic, customised guidance to help you implement AI, focusing on enhancing your operational and business models for a future-proof organisation.

AI implementation

AI solutions for business optimisation

From automating routine tasks to developing custom AI solutions, we tailor our services to meet your specific operational goals, ensuring enhanced productivity and reduced error rates.

Unlock efficiency and innovation in your business processes with our AI solutions.

Updates and optimisation

AI Support and maintenance

Our service does not stop at implementation. We provide ongoing support and maintenance for your AI systems to ensure optimal performance and continuity. This includes regular updates troubleshooting and performance optimisation so that your AI solutions always remain up to date and effective.

AI immersion

Comprehensive AI Scan & Consultancy

Our expert team examines your organisation’s operations and identifies both strengths and areas for improvement. Focused on optimising processes, strengthening AI strategies and facilitating seamless implementation, we offer personalised recommendations.

This service aims to guide your organisation to a higher level of efficiency and innovation through the smart deployment of AI. Whether you are just starting out with AI or already using advanced systems. Konav provides valuable insights and strategies to take your AI applications to the next level.

Consultant talks with client about their AI progress


Strengthen your organisation's
AI expertise

Dive deeper into the world of artificial intelligence with our series of specialised workshops.

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