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Discover practical and in-depth workshops designed not only to teach you the theoretical knowledge of AI, but also to develop practical skills that are immediately applicable in your organisation.

From basics to advanced AI applications, each workshop is carefully curated to enrich and enhance your understanding and skills in AI.

AI workshops

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Tailor-Made Workshops

Customized AI Learning Experiences. Unlock the full potential of AI for your team with our Tailor-Made Workshops.

Designed to fit your unique business needs, these personalized sessions dive deep into the specific aspects of AI that matter most to you. Whether you’re looking to enhance your marketing strategies, streamline operations, or innovate product development, our custom workshops offer a targeted learning experience.

In these bespoke sessions, you’ll work closely with our experts to define your objectives and curate a curriculum that addresses your challenges and ambitions. From mastering specific AI tools to exploring advanced concepts and applications, we tailor every aspect to ensure relevance and impact. Ideal for teams and organizations eager to leverage AI’s transformative power in their specialized fields, our Tailor-Made Workshops provide the insights, skills, and strategies to achieve your goals.

Embrace a future where AI drives your success. Contact us to craft your personalized AI workshop journey today.

AI-driven Marketing & Sales

In this workshop, we will explore the power of AI in the world of marketing and sales.

Learn how generative AI increases the effectiveness of sales and marketing activities. Discover AI tools and frameworks for improving SEM/SEO, email marketing, research and social media management.

We develop an integrated digital marketing strategy, tailored to your specific context, and measure its effectiveness with AI-driven analytics. Understand how AI helps identify trends and insights, and how it can contribute to deeper customer insight and personalised communication.

Ideal for professionals who want to enrich their marketing and sales strategies with the latest AI insights.

AI Advanced: Advanced Concepts and Applications

Are you already familiar with AI and LLMs and want to go deeper?

This advanced AI workshop is designed for those who want to go beyond the basics. Learn advanced prompt techniques, develop your own AI assistant, develop skills in using custom GPT models and plugins, and improve your knowledge in frameworks.

The workshop offers an in-depth look at optimising prompts, applying advanced data analytics, and creating content and graphics that align with your brand. Explore how AI can be integrated into your organisation, from improving the UI/UX experience to evaluating machine learning applications in the business world. An essential learning experience for those who want to apply and understand AI at a higher level.

AI Basics: An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Explore the world of AI and ChatGPT in this introductory workshop. Learn what AI is, how ChatGPT works, and understand the important issues around bias, ethics, and copyright.

Develop skills in writing effective prompts for various applications, from creative brainstorming to generating engaging content for social media and websites.

This session offers practical insights into how AI can support decision-making and be integrated into everyday business processes, including marketing and sales. Perfect for beginners who want to explore and apply the possibilities of AI in their work and personal lives.

Use ChatGPT to optimise your social media content

In this interactive workshop, we will explore how you can use ChatGPT to transform your social media strategy.

Learn how to use AI-driven tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney to create engaging, relevant and personalised content that align with your target audience.

We will cover techniques to optimise your messages for engagement and reach, and how to automate time-consuming tasks like content planning.

This workshop is ideal for marketers, social media managers and content creators looking to boost their social media presence with new AI technology.

Discover practical applications of ChatGPT that will take your social media strategy to the next level.

Future of Advertising: AI in Ads, Video Creation & Midjourney Masterclass

Focus: Using AI for innovative advertising and video production, with a special focus on Midjourney.

Learn to generate unlimited content and create impressive visual content in this workshop. 

Discover how to combine both tools for powerful social media lead generation and sales strategies. Delve into the transformative role of AI in ad creation and personalisation.

Get hands-on experience in using MidJourney to create stunning ad materials.

This session is ideal for those who want to learn how AI can be used to amplify ads, with a focus on both textual and visual content creation.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the workshops are flexibly designed to be held both on location at your office or online via a virtual platform. This gives you the freedom to choose what best suits your needs and situation.

No, there is no need to purchase software prior to the workshop. During the workshop, we explore the possibilities offered by ChatGPT, Midjourney, and other relevant tools. After the workshop, armed with new knowledge and insights, you can decide for yourselves which software you want to purchase and integrate into your work processes.

No, no specific prior skills or knowledge are required to participate in the workshops. They are designed to accommodate participants of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Regardless of your current level of knowledge about AI and related technologies, you will gain valuable insights and skills that are immediately applicable in your work.

Yes, the workshop can be customised to focus on specific challenges and opportunities within your industry and company.

There is a recommended maximum to ensure quality interaction and learning. The maximum is 6 number of participants.

The workshops are highly interactive, with practical sessions in which participants get to work directly with the tools.

Yes, participants receive additional materials and there are options for further support and follow-up after the workshop.

In some cases, it is possible to organise a short demo or overview session for decision-makers.

Costs may vary depending on duration, number of participants and any customisation requirements. A quote can be requested.

We recommend booking at least 1 week in advance to ensure availability and sufficient preparation time.

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